About Dina

Interior Designer

I have a passion for homes in general, from outside to inside.

Transform a home with different styles is beautiful to me. I have a certain style in my house but I love other styles as well. I also love the challenge to see what the client wants and to know what her or his vision and style is, from what they wear and what colors make them happy. In this way I adapt their thoughts and go with their ideas and create an appropriate scenery.

I like to transform spaces and make them the best to what the client style is. It is like making a painting, I enjoy it this way very much.

How I Got Started

When I was growing up I used to look at magazines for building homes, whether it was arquitectural or Interior Design.

My bachelor is in Graphic Design. I love colors, so I use my passion in Graphic Design to fit colors in my Interior Design works.

My Background

Weather in Home staging and Decoration, Event management, or Graphic design. I’m all about arts and customer service, all are within my passion in Design and decoration, I do my job with passion and proudly achieve my customers satisfaction. In management and career development, public relations, and customer service skills I’m in my comfort zone and are all points of my strength. I don’t recall feeling overwhelmed or nervous to meet or deal with people. I have, almost, unlimited ability for customer service that naturally flows in my character with ability of problem solving that usually lead to customer satisfaction, respect, and loyalty. I work with lots of passion in everything I do and consider the business I’m working for as my very own.

Key Experience

Pottery Barn & William Sonoma Corp, San Diego – 2016

Worked as a Senior Designer/ In Home Design Consultant and sales associate. From October 2016- current Interior design specialist.  Achievements First 30 days, broke highest sales figures achieving for the 30 days employee records. Opened 3 store credit cards the first day for a total of 19 in the first 30 days. GOLD MEMBER OF THE 2017 POTTERY BARN & WILLIAM SONOMA PRESIDENT’S CLUB, Achieved $1,175,000 by the end of my first employment year.  My SPH in september 2018 reached $1412/hour making 294.1% of my goal which is $480/hour. I’ve planned and decorated 4000 sq/ft homes from A-Z as well as single rooms.. I decorated for customers who wanted to walk through the process with me as their designer and others who wanted to hand me the job totally. I’ve done projects over stages upon the request of the clients as we as did projects that were in rush and wanted it all done ASAP. I have a lot of returning clients as well as referrals!

Freelance Remodeling Interior Design & Home Staging, San Diego – From 2014 till current

Did home staging and decoration. Managed event to success with decoration and more. Logos, business identities, business cards, flyers…. Menus and more.

Destination Jeddah Magazine, Head of public relations Saudi Arabia – From 2013 till 2014

I designed various pages in their magazine. I worked on a huge event “Enlighten and Mentor” where several students compete for the five top ranks that will entitle them to attend the final cocktail party that enables them to meet with the mentor from the career they are seeking where only one of them will be chosen by that mentor to be guided on one-to-one bases till they reach their success. We had 10 of the most successful mentors from various businesses in Saudi Arabia and internationally. I was in charge of connecting, inviting, keeping in touch and following up with the mentors. Making all the decisions for the cocktail party from start to end. Also I was in charge of Designing the magazine adds, following on social media and creating the designs for the bill board, the name tags, and much more.

Maharat workshop, Damascus, founder and CEO of Maharat workshop for kids – From 2011 till 2014

Spearheaded the extra curricular activities’ class program for children who studied in the United States then moved to Syria. The activities covered ages from 3 to 14 and were focused on discovering and building children’s talent.  I efficiently promoted this type of service and successfully got 300 registrations in less than 6 months. The program then expanded to include not only the ones coming from the United States but the locals too.

I extended the business into the event management field where students contribute to events of their own talents that included: arts & recycling, cooking & nutrition, photography, Photoshop, scientific experiments, theater, jewelry, knitting, music, ballet, sports, self-defense, hip hop, and gymnastics. 25 classes in total were added to the program.

My responsibilities included, managing all the operation, interviewing/hiring the right resources for the classes, and building the program based on families’ needs.

Damascus British International School, Damascus, Deputy manager – From 2011 till 2014

As a deputy manager, I was responsible for interviewing and hiring teachers and staff for school and following up with them. I was responsible for interacting and dealing with the parents and the student’s needs, complains and problem solving, and following up with their enquiries. I was also responsible for the preschool and kindergarten department while training teachers to correctly follow the curriculum with the students.

Freelance graphic designer, San Diego – From 2006 till 2011

Did freelance jobs. Logos, business identities, business cards, flyers to several clients who used my services for all their graphic design and printing needs. Between Syria, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Blueprint design agency, creative designer, Damascus From 2005 till 2006

Worked as a creative designer at Blue Print Graphic Design Agency. Design identities, logos, brochures and more. I brought a different standard of conceptual design and was a lead in brain storming techniques in the company where I was a team player.

Y2ADD Graphic Design Agency, creative designer – From 2004 till 2005

I was in charge of connecting and meeting with the clients to discuss their projects and requests to better meet their goals with our designs. Then working on the designs according to the concepts until meeting their needs. I made sure my clients where happy and satisfied and also helped them determine what is best for their business.  Packaging labels, magazine ads, street billboards, invitation cards, Brochures restaurant menus and more.

CAFÉ Jasmine Restaurant, Owner Manger and partner, San Diego – From 2005 till 2008

Owner manager and partner, where I was part of the management team and worked with my partners and employees hand in hand to reach success. From hiring, managing, directing and taking care of the smallest details and jobs to managing and following up with our customers for continuous improvement. I was also in charge of decorating the restaurant and designing all the graphic works from logo identity to menus and flyers.

Areas of expertise


Public relations


Graphic design

Home staging

Corporate identity

Relevant Qualifications

Certified Home Staging Professional CSP code of conduct

Bachelor of Art in Visual Communication

Technical Architect and Drafting – Engineering Design

Completed 60 credit hours of Decoration and Design in the Future Center for ladies in Jeddah in association with Inchbelt School of Decoration & Design of London

Completed one Flash animation course at UCSD

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programing Diploma

Skill and Knowledge

Knowledge in digital and manual photography including manual developing

Knowledge in manual print making technique

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AutoCAD and Microsoft office with typing speed of about 80 WPM

Manual architectural drafting and rendering techniques

Both Mac and Windows user

Bilingual, Arabic and English and some French Vocabulary


What I Do

A to Z Remodeling, Interior Design, Furnishings

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  • dina@dina2decor.com
  • +1 (858) 837-4446

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